Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dog Stole My Brain

This is an image for the second Aussie Chomps cover I've just done for Penguin Books. A crazy misadventure of brains getting mixed up in different bodies. Fun to do.


  1. hi! i am a long-time fan of your work. i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your beautiful images. i am a self taught digital illustrator and very new to drawing/painting on the computer. i used photoshop and illustrator, exclusively, for my art for a few months after discovering that limitless potential of the programs but i quit shortly after i started to learn because i have never learned how to be mediocre at anything, i either obsess over my work being meticulously perfect or i don't do it at all and i quit because i got so overwhelmed and spent such a ridiculous time on projects that it was no longer fun, i felt uninspired by my developing and imperfect new skill.
    i havent touched the programs or my wacom in years. but after rediscovering your work i painted in corel painter last night for the first time in so many years. i have been missing it and craving it badly but was intimidated to try again. so i feel it is important to tell you thanks and let you know that your incredible, beautiful art has very very much inspired me to keep practicing on my own.

    do you have any digital children's book-style illustration tutorials to recommend? or even any good books on the subject? i feel like learning how to use the tools, some trade secrets, will take my creativity much further.


  2. Hello Sprout,

    Firstly thank you for your kind words. It's always nice to get feedback because, as you know, we illustrators live a pretty solitary existence.
    Your post made me smile. I can relate to what you say about computers. As a complete technophobe I am always floored by how much they can do, and how limited my brain is at taking in all that information. Actually I'm also pretty lazy and never bother to learn new programs. I began with Photoshop and just stuck with it pretty much. I know it's to my detriment. I guess what I'd say to you is that a computer is just like any other tool. You take just what you need from it. Hopefully what I've managed to do is mould the computer to suit my style, rather than the other way around. Eventually it just becomes second nature rather than looking too digital in appearance.

    I haven't ever done a tutorial but I've been thinking I may blog some of my sketches that lead up to the final image. I always enjoy seeing how other image makers meander their way to an end result.

    I hope you're inspired to keep on drawing with your trusty Wacom. :) Best of luck.